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100% European quality production. Sustainable sourcing and certified fabrics.

Our fabrics are certified according to GRS standard, BLUESIGN®, OEKO-TEX® and ISO 14001 standards ensuring full traceability throughout the value chain.

And we decided to produce in Europe, as close as possible to you. Pieces of clothing made in Asia travel almost 50000km until its final destination : the consumer. So by producing in Western Europe we could already lower this by 90%.

Manufacturing and packaging impact

Using recycled materials already has a big impact on reducing the footprint of our clothing, while reducing demand for fossil-based materials. Recycled-based polyester has a 50% lower footprint compared to fossil-based polyester. We are also aiming in using electricity coming from sustainable options like solar and wind turbines to further reduce ou CO2 footprint. We aim on launching pre-sales to avoid overproducing and obsolete stock.

We also know Packaging plays an important role and we use only 100% recycled-based paper. It is our goal to use circular packaging in the near future. This means we will use recycled packaging wich is re-usable as well.


We produce cyclewear while keeping our footprint as low as possible. So we can be part of the solution.


Closing the loop is what drives us every day. Creating something new from what others call waste, will be the future.


We offer high quality products since this results in a long lifecycle and many joyful rides. Check our products in the shop