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Sustainable cyclewear that contributes to a world that we can continue to enjoy! With minimum impact on nature and a positive impact on the world and the people around us. Quality, comfort and sustainability are a great combination and we are happy to show you that!


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Circulair Edition

Velor X Okimono

In collaboration with Okimono (graphic design meets fair
eco wear, based in Arnhem NL), Velor is dedicated to advancing sustainable fashion. Our mission is to achieve complete closed-loop circularity by 2027. Currently in the proof of concept phase, we are recycling 300 jersey's to create new cycling jerseys, marking a significant step towards circular production. The celebratory 'Missing Link' Okimono shirt symbolizes this achievement, highlighting our shared values in sustainable fashion.

These teams have chosen Velor for their outfits

"Velor stands out from other clothing brands with its sustainable approach and top-quality design and materials. Every detail is carefully crafted, ensuring both beauty and comfort. Working with Velor is a genuine pleasure."

Erik van Nispen - Doetinchem Cycling Club

"Velor combines knowledge with style. The jersey's are besides sustainable, comfortable to wear and have nice details. The company is very flexible and proactive. So, for a sustainable and good-lookingride : Ride with Velor."

Joost Brinkman – Co-founder of C4C

"From start to finish very pleasant contact. Great to have a fitting session and to be able to order different items in different quantities. Beautifull fabric's and hopefully everything will be circular soon. Highly recommended!"

Stan Beckers- DAFC
Taking that extra step to complete the circle

Having a positive impact on the environment starts by cleaning up plastic waste. That's why we use plastic waste (for example from the Mediterranean Sea region) and discarded fishing nets for the production of Velor cyclewear. We do not just use recycled materials, we strive for full traceability and are working actively to fully develop new recycling methods. Currently up to 95% of the materials that we use are from recycled sources. But we need to keep protecting the world around us, and that is why we are striving to offer the first fully circular options in cyclewear in the future.