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Cycling 4 Climate

We are incredibly proud to be the cycling apparel partner of Cycling4Climate. It's really awesome to see over 1500 participants riding in our cycling gear!

“Velor combines knowledge with style. The jersey's are besides sustainable, comfortable to wear and have nice details. The company is very flexible and proactive. So, for a sustainable and good-looking ride : Ride with Velor.” -Joost Brinkman
Co-founder of C4C


We created Klabu's very first cyclingkit. A part of the profit generated from the sale of these cycling clothing sets is allocated to the KLABU Foundation in order to maintain sports clubs in refugee camps.

Bergh in het Zadel

In 2023, the participants of the Bergh in het Zadel Foundation successfully completed their challenge: 1,100 km and 10,000 meters of altitude in 8 days. All of this to raise money for cancer research. We are proud to be the cycle clothing partner for this great initiative.


The Ridemeister cycling apparel is specially designed for passionate cyclists who take you on an adventure.

Cycling Club DCC

Erik van Nispen – Leader of Clothing Commission

“Velor distinguishes itself from all other clothing brands not only because of its sustainability. The design and the materials used are of top quality, it is correct down to the smallest detail, the wearing comfort is great, but above all very beautiful. It’s a true pleasure to work with Velor.”

Mcycles Raceteam

"We proudly wear Velor clothing with our Mcycles competition team. The fit is perfect, as is the quality. Contributing to the recycling of plastic is what makes these clothes so unique. The people around Velor are very nice and helpful!"