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Le panier

What can you actually do at home?

One of the major things you can do yourself is using a micro plastic washing bag. A what? Let me explain. You have learned that cyclewear is made out of plastic. One of the downsides is that by washing your kit its releasing micro plastics. These are tiny little pieces of plastic which are entering our waters and damage our oceans. Did you know that by using washing machines a city of 50,000 inhabitants releases the equivalent of 7500 plastic bags in the form of microplastics into the sea every day!? By using a micro plastic washing bag you prevent up to 80 % of the micro plastics entering our water. We know it sounds strange that we tell you to protect the ocean from plastics by using a plastic bag…but trust us, it works. And
that’s why we have made it available in our shop.

Threat you precious cycling kit well and always wash at 30 degrees Celsius. Don’t use a dryer or iron because this will destroy your cycling wear. When giving your kit the love it deserves you will ride together for a long time.

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Our biggest mission – recycling cyclewear


We produce cyclewear while keeping our footprint as low as possible. So we can be part of the solution. Will you join us?


Closing the loop is what drives us every day. Creating something new from what others call waste, will be the future.


We offer high quality products since this results in a long lifecycle and many joyful rides. Check our products in the shop.