At Velor, we create comfortable, stylish and most of all sustainable cycling wear that makes a positive impact on the planet.

Our commitment to sustainability runs deep, and we're here to give you a peek behind the scenes.

Here's the lowdown on every stage of the jersey's journey, from birth to end-of-life. We've pinpointed areas where our impact is at its highest.

From polyester yarn production to sublimation printing, and assembly – these are just some of the important garment processes we're tackling head-on to improve how eco-friendly we are


Step 1: Cleaning Up Plastic Waste

We kickstart our journey by tackling plastic pollution head-on. From the Mediterranean Sea, we collect discarded fishing nets, PET bottles, and even old carpets. We're proud to turn this waste into something beautiful like our cycle wear.


Step 2: Recycling the Waste

Once collected, we sort and recycle the waste into pellets. These pellets then form the foundation for creating the new fabrics. 

Did you know that each of our short sleeve jerseys contains material equivalent to 8 PET bottles? That's recycling in action!


Step 3: Crafting Fabrics

We spin the recycled pellets into yarn, which is then woven into high-quality fabrics.

Fun fact: our recycled fabrics match the quality of non-recycled ones. Sustainability doesn't mean compromising on quality!


Step 4: Crafting Velor Cycling Clothing

Using these sustainable fabrics, our skilled seamstresses carefully cut and stitch each piece to create our iconic jerseys and bib shorts. Did you know it takes about 40 minutes to craft one single Velor item? Quality over quantity!


Step 5: Closing the Loop

After the crafting process, the garment travels to the Netherlands for the final steps of production before reaching your hands - the hands of our everyday cyclists, coffee lovers, and adventurers. Currently, 90-95% of our clothing is crafted from recycled materials, and we're dedicated to maintaining that standard.

We encourage you to return your Velor cycling wear, once it's no longer needed, allowing us to recycle it into new sustainable garments.

In fact, did you know, we've already repurposed our first 400 jerseys back into polyester for future creations!

Join us in our dream for a greener, cleaner world. Together, let's pedal towards a sustainable future!