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1. Request

Reach out to us via the contact form at the bottom of this page. We will get in touch to discuss your wishes. If you are satisfied with what we can offer, we move to step 2.

2. Design

We will make a design based on your ideas. If you like the design, we can send samples of the actual clothing for you to test and approve.

3. Fitting

The least sustainable clothing is the stuff that is lying in your closet without being used. We can facilitate a fitting session or fitting kit to make sure your full team gets the right size.

4. Ordering

Through your customized webshop or order form, your team can place the order for the right sizes and quantities.

5. Delivery

After your order has been placed, delivery takes place in 6-8 weeks.

6. Enjoy your rides

Once delivered we wish you alot of fun. Take good care of your Velor kit and you will be a strong team that rides thousands of kilometers and has many adventures.


These teams have chosen Velor for their outfits

Doetinchem cycling club

Erik van Nispen – Leader of Clothing Commission

“Velor distinguishes itself from all other clothing brands not only because of its sustainability. The design and the materials used are of top quality, it is correct down to the smallest detail, the wearing comfort is great, but above all very beautiful. It’s a true pleasure to work with Velor.”

Cycling 4 Climate

Joost Brinkman – co-founder of C4C

“Velor combines knowledge with style. The jersey's are besides sustainable, comfortable to wear and have nice details. The company is very flexible and proactive. So, for a sustainable and good-looking ride : Ride with Velor.”

De Graafschap

Michael Obugai

''The sustainable aspect of Velor realy appealed to us, but especialy the contact and cooperation was very pleasant since we come from a different sport. And the design has become very beautiful!''


''At SportUtrecht we are very happy with the clothing from Velor cycling! As a organisation we find it important that our staff is wel visible and recognizable during our work in the city. We also find it important that as a sports organisation to reduce our ecological footprint, for the world of today and the future! With the sustainable cyclewear of Velor Cycling we capture these points together nicely, we wear it with pride!''


John Verploegen:

''I ended up with Velor trough friends. Fast and pleasant service including fitting session. The cycling clothes are very comfortable and sustainable. We are happy''.


Stan Beckers- clothing commitee

''From start to finish very pleasant contact. Great to have a fitting session and to be able to order different items in different quantities. Beautifull fabric's and hopefully everything will be circular soon. Highly recommended!''


Anna - responsible for event

''High performance cycling jerseys with a pleasant fit for optimal comfort. Unique design and trendy colors! We were late with ordering, but thanks to Velor everything came on time''.

Contributing to a sustainable world

We want to contribute to a sustainable world that we can continue to enjoy. With minimum impact on nature ande a positive impact on the world and people around us.

Made by professionals

We love cycling and know the importance of high-quality and comfortable cyclewear. Together we create high-quality gear that make even the toughest rides comfortable.

Inspiring in doing it together

Just talking about a sustainable world is not enough. That's why we want to inspire you to make sure sustainable cyclewear becomes the norm.