2. Our first improvement

With the growing number of recycling options vailable, it's possible to use various types of recycled plastics such as PET bottles, fishing nets, and carpets as raw materials for producing yarns, which can be used to create fabrics. By using plastic waste as a raw material, we can make several improvements, including reducing the damage to our planet caused by plastic waste in nature. Moreover, using recycled plastic reduces the CO2 footprint of the materials by at least 50%, and eliminates the need to use virgin plastics sourced from oil. However, as a European brand, we must ensure that we use our own waste and not imported waste from Asia. Thus, we aim to establish a transparent value chain that allows us to track the origin of the plastic waste we use. Currently, much of the waste we use comes from the Mediterranean region, and our goal for 2023 is to make this our primary source.

Further improvements

One of the other things we can influence is which energy the producers of the plastic pellets, yarns, fabrics and cyclewear use. Obviously using energy coming from wind or the sun makes a big difference compared to energy coming from coal. Also having these producers close to you, the person riding in Velor kit, saves a lot of unwanted emissions coming from transport. Smaller but important steps are using recycled materials for the packing and labels, or even skip these at all. Most of all these things we have covered already. We are currently working on a full Life Cycle Assessment. This will help us enormously to get the correct insights in how to keep lowering the impact of our cyclewear.