1. The current lifecycle of cyclewear

So, when it comes to cyclewear, it's mostly made up of polyester, polyamide, and elastane. All of these fabrics are basically plastic that comes from oil. This means that when we wear cycewear, we are essentially wearing oil products. And while this may not sound particularly appealing, it is unfortunately the reality of the situation.

How these fabrics are made? Byproducts of oil production are made into plastic pellets, which in turn are molten and processed to make yarn. From there, it is woven into fabric and made into various types of cyclewear.

The problem is, when we're done with our cyclewear and it's all worn out, we usually just toss it in the trash or give it to the garbage collectors. Unfortunately a lot of this clothing can't be recycled or reused, which means it either gets burned or buried in landfills. And that's definitely not good for the environment.

What we can do about it?
let's explore some potential solutions!