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Fall/Winter - Out Now!

These teams have chosen Velor for their outfits

Velor stands out from other clothing brands with its sustainable approach and top-quality design and materials. Every detail is carefully crafted, ensuring both beauty and comfort. Working with Velor is a genuine pleasure.

Erik van Nispen - Doetinchem Cycling Club

Velor combines knowledge with style. The jersey's are besides sustainable, comfortable to wear and have nice details. The company is very flexible and proactive. So, for a sustainable and good-lookingride : Ride with Velor.

Joost Brinkman – Co-founder of C4C

From start to finish very pleasant contact. Great to have a fitting session and to be able to order different items in different quantities. Beautifull fabric's and hopefully everything will be circular soon. Highly recommended!

Stan Beckers- DAFC

Contributing to a sustainable world

We want to contribute to a sustainable world that we can continue to enjoy. With minimum impact on nature ande a positive impact on the world and people around us.

Made by professionals

We love cycling and know the importance of high-quality and comfortable cyclewear. Together we create high-quality gear that make even the toughest rides comfortable.

Inspiring in doing it together

Just talking about a sustainable world is not enough. That's why we want to inspire you to make sure sustainable cyclewear becomes the norm.