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This is us

Riding in beautiful nature with our friends is when we are truly happy. If we want to keep enjoying this for the years to come, we should make sure to protect the world around us at all costs. Reading this, most of you might think: “But I’m not hurting the planet! Cycling is a sustainable way of moving around!” Unfortunately this is only partly true. Yes, cycling is a sustainable mode of transport compared to driving a car or even public transport. However, the production and disposal of bikes and garments results in significant amounts of emissions and waste. We take, make, and waste in our traditional “linear” economy. Nearly all cycling garments are made from fossil resources (yes, oil). That is not very sustainable, is it?

And it needs to change

So how do we continue doing our happy rides in beautiful nature and stop harming the planet, or even give something back? To answer part of this question and actually being able to act instead of only talk we started Velor. A cycling garment brand that is aiming to be the first circular cyclewear brand.

Velor is built on our three commitments to sustainability. Circularity, High Quality and keeping our footprint as low as possible. Klick on the botton below to read more about our commitments and our impact.

Our impact