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Velor story begins with real ecological awareness.

If we are to continue to enjoy it for years to come, we must ensure that we protect the world around us at all costs.

Reading this, most of you might be thinking, “I'm not hurting the planet! On the contrary, I practice cycling. And it's a sustainable way to get around! It does not pollute like most means of transport."

Unfortunately, this is only partly true. Certainly, the bicycle is a sustainable mode of transport compared to the car or even public transport. However, the production and disposal of bicycles and clothing results in significant amounts of emissions and waste. We take, manufacture and waste in traditional "linear" economy. Almost all cycling clothing is made from fossil resources. Yes, with oil !

It's not very durable, is it?

Let's think and act! Yes we can change things.

So how to keep enjoying our rides in the beautiful nature around us ? To answer this question, we started Velor. A cycling garment brand that is aiming to be the first circular cyclewear brand.

To create our cyclewear we use high quality fabrics made out of recycled PET, marine waste and eco friendly materials.

More than a team !

Our team is made up of two French brothers Florian and Mickael and Peter from the Netherlands. Be passionate cyclists and runners.

We have a strong background in supply chain management, R&D, materials science and circular solutions gave rise to a rapid start.
Once reunited, it only took a few months to produce the first collection of jerseys.

But not only...

When sharing your passion and working on your ultimate goal, roads cross. You meet other people. People with the same passion, where the mutual click is instant. That's what happened when Florian met Tom and Frank. A former professional cyclist and a mobility expert sharing the same passion and working in the same direction.

Not longer after the meeting, we decided to join forces and continue our adventure together!

Why the name Velor ?

Velor, born out of love for cycling and nature. It's a contraction of the 2 French words velo (bicycle) and valoriser (adding value to waste).


We produce cyclewear while keeping our footprint as low as possible.


Closing the loop is what drives us every day. Creating something new from what others call waste, will be the future.


We offer high quality products since this results in a long lifecycle and many joyful rides. Check our products in the shop.