Velor was born out of love and passion for cycling and nature. Riding our bikes through the beautiful countryside together is what truly makes us happy. The feeling of freedom, space, adventure, and enjoying the world around us. To preserve this feeling for years to come, we need to protect the world around us. That's why we founded Velor, striving to offer fully circular cycling clothing with minimal impact on nature and a positive impact on people. Let's make sustainable cycling clothing the norm together. We believe quality, comfort, and sustainability go hand in hand and we're eager to prove it to you!

Trustpilot Reviews

"Used two kits of Velor for 1,5 year now, which includes many countless bike rides now. Still looking good after a lot of laundry cycles. Perfect fit for me and comfortable bib shorts.

Happy that I can bring my goods back for recycling when I wear them out. For me the first company that makes this happen, great!"

"The sustainable thought to create “new” cycle clothing of recycled material and save the planet is an opportunistic but great initiative. The first thing I was thinking about what is the quality disadvantage of this material/clothing? But I was really surprised, the Velor clothing is the best clothing I ever used. It fits really well especially the bib short, after a year of wearing the Velor clothing is still my favorite."

"I had been looking for well-fitting clothing that also looks good for a while, and that's when I came across Velor. The pants are wonderfully comfortable with a great chamois (which often doesn't fit well with other brands). The racefit shirt I ordered online turned out not to be quite right for me, but with the help of Tom's customer service, I was able to exchange it for a regular fit, and it fits well. Delivery, exchange, communication... all top-notch."

Taking that extra step to complete the circle

Having a positive impact on the environment starts by cleaning up plastic waste. That's why we use plastic waste (for example from the Mediterranean Sea region) and discarded fishing nets for the production of Velor cyclewear. We do not just use recycled materials, we strive for full traceability and are working actively to fully develop new recycling methods. Currently up to 95% of the materials that we use are from recycled sources. But we need to keep protecting the world around us, and that is why we are striving to offer the first fully circular options in cyclewear in the future.