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Our Story

When you're reading this, you're probably interested in knowing who we are, what we do, and most importantly, why we do it. So, let's start with how it all began.

In January 2021, Velor was founded by brothers Florian and Mickael Jardin, along with Peter Roozemond, with the goal of minimizing the impact of cyclewear on the planet by creating truly circular cycling kits. Velor aims to inspire people by approaching the conventional cyclewear model differently and showing that you can achieve cool things.

Velor's inspiring journey took a leap forward when Tom Leezer and Frank Arendsen crossed paths with Velor after 7 months. They joined forces to take Velor to the next phase, and since then, a lot has happened. The first circular steps have been taken and Thousands of people have embraced Velor's mission, and they currently ride in Velor kits. How cool is that?!


Tom Leezer

Has been a professional cyclist for 13 years and rode multiple classics and grand Tours, including 4 times the Tour de France. Besides cycling he has a huge passion for sustainable solutions.

Peter Roozemond

Has a PhD in Materials Science and has been working over 10 years in various Science, R&D and Sustainability roles. Besides riding his bike for over a decade, he's also a One Young World ambassador.

Florian Jardin

Has spent the last decade in various roles in purchasing, sustainability, and product management in corporate and start-up environments. Besides being a passionate trail runner, he also picked up cycling.

Mikaël Jardin

Had a career of over 20 years in purchasing in corporate environment in various roles and has been an avid cyclist for more then 25 years.

Frank Arendsen

Being the owner of Moovz, he has been working for 30 years in the mobility sector. He has a huge passion for cycling and sustainable products.


We produce cyclewear while keeping our footprint as low as possible. So we can be part of the solution. Will you join us?


Closing the loop is what drives us every day. Creating something new from what others call waste, will be the future.


We offer high quality products since this results in a long lifecycle and many joyful rides. Check our products in the shop.